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    Hand engraving is an art that dates back to the Middle Ages, when knights had their armor personalized to stand out either amongst their competitors in jousting tournaments or amongst their enemies in wartimes. The signet ring, a piece of jewelry created with a monogram or family crest, also appeared during the same time.
    After the Middle Ages, hand engraving blossomed with the advent of the printing press. All printed material had to be carved or engraved into the surface of metal plates, which were later inked and then pressed onto paper.  Reproduction of printed artwork was also done by these hand engravers using the same method.
    While the tools have become more contemporary and the designs more intricate as time has passed, the techniques themselves has not changed substantially since hand engraving’s birth centuries ago. It is still accomplished with tools specialized to carve or sculpt images into metals and hard materials. With a skilled and practiced hand, today’s artist gently pushes the tool through the metal to transform simple metals into beautified treasures, just like the original engravers did all those years ago.
    With the onset of technology and machinery, the number of professional hand engravers is shrinking, and hand engraving is becoming a dying art. Laser and automatic engraving dominate the industry.Ornate and extraordinary beauty is overrun by an onslaught of manufactured copies. However, within the walls of Ridglea Watch & Jewelry, an artist resides.
    Just as any painter, sculptor, or photographer, the designer uses his talent for hand engraving which is taking something simple and transforming it into a transcendent piece of art. Our hand engraver at Ridglea Watch and Jewelry has developed a love for coaxing beauty out of simple metals. The only limit to his creativity is imagination.






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