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Diamonds - Ft. Worth, TX Diamonds - Ft. Worth, TX Diamonds - Ft. Worth, TX Diamonds - Ft. Worth, TX Diamonds - Ft. Worth, TX Diamonds - Ft. Worth, TX Diamonds - Ft. Worth, TX Diamonds - Ft. Worth, TX Diamonds - Ft. Worth, TX Diamonds - Ft. Worth, TX
Caro 74 Diamond Engagement Ring - Wedding Ring
At Ridglea Watch & Jewelry, we are passionate about diamonds. No matter what it is you’re searching for—whether it’s your first piece, a replacement, or a wedding set—we want to help. We understand that buying a diamond can at times be a difficult and intimidating task, but we are here to guide you through the process with a helping hand and a friendly smile. We have over 100 loose diamonds, several hundred mountings, and new and original jewelry designs to fit any style. With such an expansive inventory, we are sure to be able to find your perfect match. Every piece of jewelry is hand-picked with you in mind so that you get the quality you deserve.

Documented on the old, crumbling pages of time lies the centuries-old tale of a stone enriched with enchantment and riddled with magic. The diamond was believed to have supernatural powers. Powers that could banish any poison, eradicate any pestilence, and halt any enemy. Its sparkle and fire has inspired the imagination for thousands of years. Because of the paranormal abilities it was believed to possess, it became a symbol of trust and a token of the banishment of vain fears. Accounts of the diamond’s use in jewelry, specifically engagement and wedding rings, date back to the Middle Ages. Wearing one of these startlingly beautiful stones emblematized the sanctity of the marriage covenant it sealed.

The tradition carries on. While the ancient wearers of diamonds were mainly rich and wealthy royals, the privilege of owning a diamond today is enjoyed by any who seek the rarity and allurement of a stone with so much history.


Diamond Jewelry - Earrings, Necklaces, Bracelets

What are the essential parts of a woman's wardrobe? A laid-back pair of sweats for that day off. A business suit for that big meeting with the boss. A pair of jeans and a t-shirt for that day full of soccer mom responsibilities and grocery shopping. A flirty "little black dress" for a date or a night out on the town. A hoard of shoes to compliment every outfit she owns.

Another essential? Diamonds. Everyone knows that the jewelry makes the outfit. It shows style and flair. It gives you confidence, makes you sparkle. At Ridglea Watch & Jewelry, we recognize that need for classy comfort, and we have determined that every girl must have a shining pair of diamond stud earrings, a pair of unforgettable hoop earrings, an eye-catching diamond pendant, a comfortable yet trendy tennis bracelet, and a spectacular right-hand diamond ring. Whether it's the sweats on a day off or the black dress on date night, these diamonds will always be the right choice to spice up the event. They match any dress, they compliment any complexion or hair color. We love diamonds because they transform any outfit from drab to daring, from simple to specatular.

Valina Bridal Diamond RingsTRADE-UP POLICY

Cordova Diamond Rings - Engagement Rings

At Ridglea Watch & Jewelry, we offer the opportunity to trade up for a larger diamond with every loose diamond purchase. For example, if you purchase a $5,000 diamond today and several years from now you want a larger diamond, we guarantee to give you at least $5,000 credit if you trade in your original diamond for a larger, more expensive one. You can’t lose when you choose Ridglea Watch & Jewelry as your diamond dealer.

Each diamond we possess is as individual and unique as you are. With its shimmering past and sparkling future as the most sought-after stone in the world, the diamond is not only a testament of time, but a treasure to cherish.



No two diamonds are exactly alike. The worth and quality of each one differs, and today, we differentiate the quality of a diamond based on the international grading standard called "The 4c's": Color, Cut, Clarity, and Carat Weight.

4C's Diamonds - Color, Clairty - Rings
4C's Diamonds - Cut, Carat - Engagement Rings
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